Q: Why the name Viking Vixen?

A: Well, I'm known as Vixen in a lot of circles, and I love foxes so that makes the second half a bit easier. As for the Viking part; well, that's because not only am I from Iceland/Norway, my family is as well and I also do 5th-8th Century living history reenactment of Nordic culture!

Q: So, do you like dress like a Viking all the time?

A: I do as much as I can. Lately that hasn't been as much as I'd like, but that's mostly due to not having a lot of wardrobe for it. However, that is being worked on and I should have more coming soon!

Q: Even to the store?

A: Yes, even to the store.

Q: You're hair changes a lot, how do you do that?!

A: I have what's known as Alopecia Areata Multilocularis. It's an autoimmune disease that targets the hair follicles on my head and causes multiple areas to go completely bald. Sometimes it grows back, sometimes it doesn't.

So, to answer your question, it's not my real hair. I wear wigs every day, but that can be super fun too!

Q: Do you get paid a lot to stream?

A: Not really, no but I'm not in it for the money. Sure, it's nice and all but I do it because I love doing it. No one should stream just for the money, ever.

Q: Do you miss the 5th century?

A: Yes.

To be continued...

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