So, just what is this site all about? I'm glad that you've asked, because we have some answers, at least we hope so anyway.

First of all, let's state what this site isn't.

This site is not a place that harbors any feelings of hate, racism, or any form of discrimination towards anyone in the world. We don't stand for that, and if people really knew a thing or two about Nordic history, they wouldn't appropriate our culture in the ways they do.

The Viking Vixen Twitch Channel, this website, and any media that is created by her, or others she has approved for such, in no way shall be used for anything other to spread awareness of the brand, and Nordic culture, in positive ways.

Now then, to what the site IS about!

The Backstory

A Norse witch that’s been abducted from her home by a time traveling bounty hunter named Pixel, and now living in the 21st Century. For some reason, she decided to keep the girl as her bond-maid and companion. So now, Kyi enn fóa íviðia, aka Vixen, is trying to figure the modern world out as best she can...well, mostly.

To keep her from going a-viking on the townsfolk (or just escaping too often in general) Pixel has come up with the task of teaching this wildling just how the modern world works, through video games.

May the Asynjur have mercy on us all.

So, what's this Viking Vixen thing really all about?

Just who is Vixen? That's a bit more complicated.

Vixen is a Character/Persona Twitch Affiliate Streamer and Nordic Lifestyle Reenactor.

For the past 33 years, she has been immersed in several different groups, events, and even cultures that have helped shaped not only her wold view but her internal view as well. Some of her other experiences include being a lifestyle submissive, a leather worker, and fly by night seamstress.

Every year, she attends several reenactment events across the US, the largest and most prevalent of them being Pennsic War in Western Pennsylvania. During that time, she's usually not available for much of anything as it is a 17 day long camping event that is as immersive as it can be.

Additionally, she has extensive training and continues to further her knowledge to become an even better "hedge witch" and practices a similar, yet somewhat modernized, form of the religion that her ancestors practiced in Norway, Iceland, and Northern Ukraine.

Often times, her own life is said to be very much that of her persona on Twitch, that 5th century girl who's a little more lost than most. This would be very true, even though she's very much aware of the world around her, there are quite a few modern concepts that still escape her.

Other Projects from Vixen

Viking Vixen Pillages Your Yiffs

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