Friday, July 5, 2019

Life Update, New Stream Schedule and More!

Hey everyone, just a quick little note here about the current stream schedule, and just what we're up to! The past month has been crazy, and we're only getting more and more momentum, which is pretty damn awesome and it's thanks to the community as a whole. I couldn't do this without everyone, and I wouldn't be nearly as good a person either. So, thank you all.

That said, some stuff has happened as of late.

First, got more teeth ripped out of my head. This time, last wisdom tooth, another molar and got a filling. All on the lower left. Let me tell you, I'm glad to have all of my wisdom teeth finally gone, it's a huge relief to know that I won't have to deal with that level of bullshit pain anymore in the future. It wasn't fun, and the 700 mile round trip drive was definitely not really a thing I wanted to have to deal with either...but such is life.

Speaking of trips, my car is still idle at the moment as well. This is because of a screw up with the people who I ordered parts through. I didn't see that coming, and never got any information regarding the fact that they were having a problem with one of the vendors supplying the part I needed. So, because of that, I've had to wait to be able to order the hoses I need to fix the coolant leak that was going on. And, I probably need a new battery, and some other stuff...but that's a whole other topic.

In actual stream news, things have been really good!

There's also been some huge improvements thanks to Nicolia with the gifting of a new mic, camera, and glasses to help with my photophobia issues when I'm streaming (as well as like every other part of my life). Those things have been amazingly awesome and I really look forward to seeing what other improvements we can make to up the production value even more.

I also have some plans for my "War Vixen" fund that I will be starting to implement slowly and over time in order to help me get back to Pennsic War in either 2019 or 2020, depending on how things go with my health.

Another thing, it's been great to see how welcoming and chill the Elite: Dangerous community has been as we've been playing that a fuckload lately and probably won't be stopping such for a very long time. It's really hard to get into new games, especially when they've been out a while, and it really is nice to see so many being as welcoming as they have been.

We also have a newer "set schedule" now too, what with Mistress streaming and all that again. Need to make room for the both of us and so far it's been going swimmingly! I admit, sometimes it's hard to manage but overall it seems to work well. And, I think that's it for the current update right now. See you all in chat sometime soon I hope!