Sunday, September 8, 2019

New Schedule, Health News, Other Madness!

Greetings human creatures!

It's been a while since I've touched base with things here, so I figured that it was time for a little something something. So, here we are!

Firstly, there's a new schedule for the stream. Currently, we're still working the same days as far as streams go, being Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. However, we have a new time! We're starting slightly later at 5pm Mountain Apocalypse Time which gives me a little more leeway/lead up time in case my health isn't so great. Either way, it's been going well and I think it's gonna stay for the foreseeable future.

Here it is in picture form!

So, speaking of the health thing. I'm getting close to finally being done with missing entire weeks at a time due to dental surgery and other procedures needed to save my teeth from the edge of anihilation. Finding a dentist out here in the wasteland is hard, so it requires us to drive 700 miles round trip and that takes a lot out of us. In more ways that one.

That said, my next trip should be my last for those! That will be coming at some point in October if I'm figuring correctly, so almost there! Right now, I'm feeling awesome and it's amazing to finally be almost entirely pain free in my face. That's something that happened in like 6-7 years now, maybe longer, it's hard to remember entirely.

There will be more trips in the future for other medical needs, but those shouldn't be as often, I hope anyway. Other things that plague me, I'm still dealing with and trying to find ways to manage it, but we'll get it sorted as best as possible I'm sure.

Until the next live stream....

Keep safe, kick ass
and don't g'dead,
That's my job!


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