Stream Info

Here's all the info you need to know for when I stream on Twitch!
  • Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Times: Afternoon and Evening streams
Please Note: This stream is set to mature audiences only. We are a very adult oriented community and topics that range from sexual preference, medicinal drug use, alcohol, and the kink lifestyle are often talked about and celebrated for the benefits they give. We are a place of education and understanding, hoping to foster the right attitudes towards these topics as best we can.

Vixen's Studio Set Up:

1060 GTX 6gb
16gb DDR4 3200 RAM
8700k i7 Intel CPU
Logitech G510s Keyboard
Logitech G502 Mouse
Logitech 922x Pro Webcam
40" Samsung main monitor
32" Samsung secondary monitor
M-Audio M-Track 2x2 mixer
AT2020 Mic
Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Pro Controller
Elgato Stream Deck

Needing to upgrade quite a few things but one step at a time for now!

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