Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Postcards From the Apocalypse

Well, it's true...we finally went and did it. The move happened!

However, it would seem that there was a slight flaw in the process of the whole thing. Mostly that At least this is what folks are saying. Granted, I'm not saying that I did, but I very well may have pushed a button that was shiny. What happened after, that's another matter entirely.

Look, you would've done it too so I don't want to hear about it!

No, it's not our final resting place, and once the boss lady here figures out how to fix whatever I did, ahem, didn't do...then we should be off once again to something. However, that's gonna be a while because apparently when I break, make infinitely improved upon, something I really do it right...

Anyway, we're on a whole new schedule for streaming and have finally gotten the set up to snuff as we broadcast live from the apocalypse! Here's the new time slot in all it's glory...

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